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The Night that Never Ended p22 :iconbronycray:BronyCray 6 7
Mature content
The Night that Never Ended p21 :iconbronycray:BronyCray 6 13
The Night That Never Ended p20
            The Captain's jaw tightened as the edge grew closer. The wind whipped around her, nearly knocking her off of the stone parapet as she galloped forward. Her eyes narrowed as her wings flared, lifting her into the air just as the ground beneath her hooves ended. In a flash she was gone from the castle, the wind pulling her away as fast as her own will.
            She had to remind herself how fortunate she was. She had been let out of that stone cell by chance, and part of her had expected to die down there. She hadn't had trouble with any castle guards, since Luna- no, Nightmare Moon hadn't told anyone of her capture. To the forces of Canterlot Castle, she had simply been the returning captain.
            She was out of a jail cell for the first time in... Celestia, she didn't even know anymore.
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The Night that Never Ended p19
      Though the night had passed, shadows were cast across the decrepit ground by the light from Sugarcube Corner. In some part of her mind, Twilight noted that the presence of the light was not only unnerving in and of itself, but also accentuated the eerie silence. Perhaps she had simply grown used to the effects of daytime, or perhaps a light that could banish unnatural darkness was likely quite unnatural itself. Even Dash, normally fidgety after only a few moments of staying still, was silent and unmoving next to her.
      The two mares stood in silence, not sure what to do next.  It wasn't the frantic silence from their sprint through the Everfree, but very different. Twilight couldn't put her hoof on how one absence of sound could feel so different from another until it clicked. It was the silence of a predator stalking its prey.
      The creak of floorboards reverberated throug
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 19 20
The Night that Never Ended p18
The captain beat her wings rhythmically, flying nearly blindly. Barely a dozen stars kept the night alive, and years of flying instinct guided her more than sight. The crisp chill of the air told her that she was well above the treeline, and her natural sense of direction told her that she was flying northeast, dead on course to arrive at the castle. Though she told herself to hurry, her wings beat at a steady pace, lulling her body into autopilot as her mind wandered.
For the hundredth time that night, a snapshot flared up before her mind. She was in the ancient ruins again, Twilight Sparkle in front of her. The stone beneath her hooves was even colder than the air around her, but Twilight wasn't shivering as she glared up at Nightmare Moon, the Elements of Harmony floating around her and her friends.
The captain remembered Nightmare Moon's face of assurance. A smirk had been permanently etched on her features from the moment the ponies found her, and even now, with the elements befor
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 26 40
Rarity's Nightmare - A TNTNE Side Story
This is a side story for The Night that Never Ended. It should not be read before chapter 17, both for context and spoilers.
    Rarity's hooves pounded as she ran, eyes wide and mouth panting as she galloped blindly. Before and around her was a solid wall of darkness, even the ground beneath her feet was lost to sight.
    Away, away! Run away!
    The words echoed in Rarity's mind, but her exhaustion took it's toll as she stumbled over her own hooves. The ground must have been stone, because she could feel the loose gravel and sharp edges cut against her flank as she slid, whimpering as she came to a stop. Even with her head resting on the ground, she could see nothing but pitch darkness in front of her.
    Get away, get away!
    She urged herself to stand up, though she couldn't quite remember why. There was something horrible behind her, she knew, and she had t
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 12 27
The Night that Never Ended p17
In the silence of the Everfree Forest, near a dry patch of ground that barely counted as a path, a low rumbling began. With relative smoothness despite it's girth, a slab of stone as wide as two ponies and half again as tall began to swing outwards. From the darkness inside came the sound of cranks and levers creaking, as well as the soft clop of hooves on stone. The cold night air carried with it the stench of rot, but the captain still found it welcoming. Beneath the decay and decomposition, there lay the rosy scent of freedom.
"This doesn't mean I forgive you, you know." The captain didn't know why she said it, maybe just because it all seemed too good to be true.
"I don't expect you too," came the lilting voice from behind her. Soft hoofsteps brought Rarity up to her side, both ponies gazing at the darkened skeletons of trees before them.
The captain felt like she was pushing her own luck, but she had lived her life by having an explanation for every action. There just had to be a
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 15 47
The Night that Never Ended p16
The sky flickered with the few remaining stars, their lights disappearing one by one as day descended. Though the sun should have been rising, bathing the forest below in orange radiance, instead the last points of light were winking out, laying a darkened twilight over the rotted limbs below.
But although the stars above gave in to the relentless advance of day, a beacon on the ground shone as bright as ever. From afar, a twinkle among the forest may have looked like a fallen star that refused to die, but for Trixie it was blinding agony.
She should have felt relief, her deity's spell somehow failing to reveal the warrant officer's lies. She should have felt pride at the alicorn's obvious unhinging. She should have felt confidence in the doomed nature of her latest spell. But all that filled Trixie's mind was panic, the burning light of the goddess searing her eyes, even closed and averted as they were. Trixie knew she had screamed at least once, maybe she still was, but she couldn't
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The Night that Never Ended p15
          Throughout New Ponyville, barely a sound was made. Few ponies roamed the street, and those that did kept their heads down and their hooves moving quickly. In their homes, unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies alike either spent time with their family or gathered their belongings together. A few grabbed a large tool or heavy object that could be used as a weapon, and fewer still strapped old pieces and scraps of armor to their flanks.
           The announcement by Trixie had reached everypony's ears, and the atmosphere was grim. Some clung to hope of victory, but most settled for hope of survival as they gathered what sparse food they had left. The calm before the storm lulled the town into silence, if not inactivity, as everypony prepared for the coming night.
           For Rainbow Dash, the calm was already over. She g
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 21 45
The Night that Never Ended p14
Rarity sat in her new office. The air still smelled faintly of paint as she brushed a hoof across her spotless desk and sounds of hammers floated in from her window. The ponies had been lucky to find this cave just a few days ago, and were quickly constructing their new homes.
Rarity's thoughts were not on the progress being made around her, however, as she looked down at the report before her in disbelief. A hundred times a day since coming here, she had counted her blessings. So many of her friends had escaped, so much had been saved. Who cared about a few buildings lost when lives and families remained intact? And now their new home was rising up, board by board, one day to stretch into the darkness of the cavern above them.
Rarity knew all this. She was happy that they had gotten away with so much, but some ponies apparently couldn't see how lucky they were. She let the report fall limply from her grasp, her eyes tearing up.
How could they be so ungrateful, she wondered
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 20 27
Mature content
Mareway and Hurst :iconbronycray:BronyCray 0 9
The Night that Never Ended p13
In all of New Ponyville, there were 45 time-telling devices. Of these 45, exactly 26 were watches. Of the remaining 19, six were grandfather clocks. Of those six, there was, of necessity, one largest clock. And as the largest clock, it naturally had the loudest tick. Furthermore, as would befit a leader, this clock was located in Rarity's bedroom.
The largest clock with the loudest tick was currently in very real danger of being smashed to silent pieces by Rainbow Dash. The only thing stopping her was that in order to break the infernal device, Rainbow Dash would have to take her eyes off the bed.
Not even for a second, she reminded herself again. She looked stoically at the two unicorns lying on top on the purple covers, each resting peacefully on their back. The clock ticked away the seconds as Dash sat in the backwards chair, her chin resting on the back of it. In the otherwise silent room, the sound was maddening. Given the additional circumstances of her friends, it was do
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 23 35
The Night that Never Ended p12
The captain really didn't like magic. Perhaps it came from her dislike of Trixie, perhaps it was because it was something that she'd never be able to do, or perhaps it was just some innate pet peeve. Usually, it was just a general aversion that defied explanation. Today in particular, though, she could very firmly put her hoof on exactly why she didn't like magic.
Four Royal Guard ponies stood facing eachother, their hooves digging into the soft dirt. Their eyes were closed and their teeth were gritted as their horns shone brightly in the night. Standing in the middle of the diamond they formed, Trixie's eyes shown bright white as she gazed unseeingly forward.
Unsurprised, the captain figured out what was happening. She has a good portion of Nightmare Moon's power in her, but she's making them do all the work. Over a hundred ponies are being teleported a distance that I could fly in less than a day, and she's not even helping.
The Captain shifted her weight and was pushe
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 16 22
The Night that Never Ended p11
Rarity brushed a hoof across her desk, sweeping most of the papers to the floor. Slowly and delicately, she smoothed out a pristine page before her, the only one remaining on her table. She read it twice, committing the words to memory, and picked it up with her magic to be placed in her desk drawer. With it safely tucked away, she sat back and smiled.
I've done it, she thought triumphantly, rereading the page over and over in her head. Ten months, Celestia knows how much death, but I did it. A grin began to form across her face as she strode to the curtained window. I've given and given and they've finally accepted.
Her horn lit up as she pulled the curtains back, stepping up to see the sight before her. Her office overlooked the center of the town, and below her ponies went about their lives. To a casual observer, they looked little different than they had two days before, but to Rarity's eyes the world had changed.
A teal earth pony walked down the street with a
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 18 42
The Night that Never Ended p10
The throne room of the palace had changed much in the last few months. The once sunny and pristine white walls and floor were now permanently shrouded in shadows. Moonlight streamed in from the vaulted windows crisply, keeping the darkest of the shadows locked to the corners. A deeply purple carpet ran from the double doors to the foot of the throne, where Trixie was currently prostrating herself.
Trixie looked up at her queen standing above her. Much taller than any other pony, except maybe Celestia, Nightmare Moon glared down at her. The purple and black flames of her mane flared to suit her mood, casting their own version of light through the room. Any sort of artificial light was strictly prohibited in the throne room, but none was needed in the presence of the goddess pony.
Currently, the flames simmered low, a sure sign of rising anger. When Nightmare Moon spoke, the voice was lighter than one would expect from such a dark figure. "Trixie. This report is…disturbing. You went
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 17 24
The Night that Never Ended p9
Spitfire held Frostburn's head in her arms, crying softly. Next to her, the limp body of her colt Blizzard lay motionless.  The floor vibrated from another explosion, but Spitfire didn't notice.
She looked down at the scorched face of her filly. It was unrecognizable to any eye but a mother's, but Spitfire knew that somewhere deep down her child was smiling. She was at peace with this horrible world, and Spitfire was left to pick up the pieces.

I should be angry, she realized, but I'm not. It wasn't the Shadowbolts or the rebels or Nightmare Moon that caused this. It was all of us, everypony. If I hate anyone, it should be myself for not trying to stop it sooner.
The ceiling groaned ominously, the apartment building warning of its imminent collapse. Spitfire looked around her home, wondering what she should do now. What was there left to live for? Why not just lay down her burdens, here and now?
A voice floated to her over the sound of creaking metal, and she
:iconbronycray:BronyCray 25 58


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5/18/2013: Yup, I'm actually updating. My hardest school year yet has come to an end, I've just now been working on TNTNE, and my goal is to have this last chapter done before the summer picks up speed. I figure that's a window of about... three days. Damn, it seemed like I had a lot more time before I actually went and thought it through right there. Ah well, works getting done on it at least, we'll see what happens. Worst case scenario is that I string you guys along for another year :P

7/12/12: Summer is busy. Really busy. Logically I should have free time out the wazoo, but I really don't. That combined with a burnout of all things pony has left me really slacking on my writing, and for that I apologize. Of course, most of my updates include something to that effect, so I won't dwell on it to much.

In an effort to be communicative, I'm just giving a quick update on progress. And the update is that progress sucks. I've got all the scenes roughed but only one written, and I don't know when I'm gonna get to the rest. My writing mentality right now is something like, "Eh, I've got two hours to kill and I can't use any of my electronics because ______, plus my summer work for school isn't looming so hard today, plus I'm not working this shift, plus none of my friends are around, I guess I'll work on a scene of TNTNE."

I've got another two months of summer. August is gonna be busy for me, but I'm aiming to get a chapter out before the end of the month (August, to be clear). Ironically, I'll have a lot more free time once school starts back up, after the initial rush of course. Remember when I used to update once every two days? Yea, that was during school. So if you can live through the wait until then, I can finally bring this story to a close. You guys have so much practice with being patient with me, I figure a little more won't kill you :P

7/03/12: Bronycon happened. Oh boy. It was certainly interesting, and almost all of it was in a good way. Even the not so good parts were hilarious, so I'm pretty happy I went.

More specifically, I wanted to talk about the panel. As far as I can tell it hasn't appeared on youtube yet, so you all won't be able to see my fine chiseled features spilled spaghetti until that happens. I want to give a mad shoutout to that fine gentleman who came up to me afterwards to talk about TNTNE. You've vindicated my hopes that the people on here actually exist and aren't just my fevered delusions, so thank you for that. And double thank you for making my day so much more awesome.

Speaking of TNTNE, I haven't done shit since I last updated. Even I'm running out of excuses for putting it off though, so I'll have better news for you soon. For now though, I'm going to sleep for an entire day and take a long hot shower.

6/16/12: Short update time, followed by other news.

I haven't started the next chapter because reasons. I did, however, map out what scenes I want where and etc etc. Basically it's fully storyboarded and what not. No ETA because I suck at those.

Okay, fun news time. I'm going to BronyCon this month and will be part of a panel called Fan Fiction Fun. Basically it's going to be myself and a host of other EQD prereaders talking about writing fanfiction and general tips, followed by a Q/A. It's going to be Saturday night at 5pm, so definitely stop by if you're going! I've got a dinner engagement soon after with the aforementioned prereaders, but I'd love to meet some of the ladies and gentlemen that leave such encouraging comments all the time :)

5/14/12: I've got a free day for the first time in a long time, so I'm gonna try to bang out the rest of this chapter. I don't have a lot left. so it shouldn't be too hard. Editors, get ready!

5/7/12: I did a podcast thing! If you want to hear my talk about fanfiction, EQD, and writing tips in a Q&A session, go to…

In TNTNE news, finally finished the Fluttershy scene that had been slowing me down so much. I made Fluttershy's argument too strong and couldn't think of a way around it without breaking character for some other ponies, but I think I got it in the end. I have either one or two scenes left before I call in the editors, so stay tuned!

5/6/12: Oi, I'm alive, just been busy lately. Got a new job starting next saturday, aiming to get this chapter(s) finished by then.

4/27/12: Going out of town for a few days, not gonna get any work done till Monday at least since I'm not bringing my laptop. It's a town-wide two day party, so if you don't hear from me again it's because I got too drunk and died doing something utterly stupid but pretty funny.

4/5/12: Haven't updated you guys in awhile, but I've finished the Pinkie scene. By itself, it's longer than the first chapter Pinkie appeared in. I might have to split this chapter in two, but don't worry, if that happens I'll upload them both on the same day.

2/8/12: Finished Mass Effect 3, that ending was bullshit. Anyway, back to writing.

2/24/12: Chapter 18 is done and edited. I just need to think of a good chapter name. I'm gonna let some ideas simmer on the backburner while I'm at work, and then hopefully upload tonight or tomorrow morning. We'll see.

I should have uploaded the TNTNE chapter before my side story. Like very third comment is just people being disappointed that it WASN'T chapter 18. I don't blame you for being impatient, but boo on you for not reading the story description :P

2/21/12: FUCK, if I don't get this chapter out before Mass Effect 3 then it's gonna be like another month.

Screw it, writing all night.

Also, special surprise when I hit 20k views (at 19.9k right now)

1/14/12: I'm on vacation atm. Have been since the 6th, in fact. Totally forgot to mention it here.

I get back on the 16th and will resume writing then. I've got the layout and first scene done, so it shouldn't be more than a couple weeks after that, school and work permitting.

12/16/11: Nothing like a little grimdark to put the joy in Christmas.

12/1/11: I think I'm done with Skyrim. For now, anyway. If only work would stop giving me so many hours, I might find time to write more.

I've got a lot of ideas kicking around in the back of my head, some will make it onto paper and some won't, I just need a few dedicated hours to sit down and write them down/prune the edges. I just have so much other stuff I'm doing. With Skyrim dead and WoW mostly dead (seriously, one day and I'm already bored of 4.3?), the ball will at least be rolling instead of gathering dust and making me feel guilty.

So yea, we're back in action. Chapter 17 is about 1/2 of the way there, but that doesn't count the time between this update and the last (which was about a month, now that I look at the dates). Skyrim was great, and as soon as some good MLP mods come out for it I'm sure it will be great again, but for now I'm honestly glad it's done with. I missed writing.

Oh yea, and go to BroNYCon in January. I'll shake your hoof (ohgodifeeldirty).

11/10/11: The day the internet stood still.

Because nobody is gonna get shit done until we get bored of Skyrim.

Gonna try to write a little bit tonight, and then after midnight all bets are off for the next week.

10/30/11: I just put out a journal thingy, which I guess is gonna give everyone a notification making it look like I did something important. So, with all the traffic being redirected here, let me just go ahead and answer your next question: TNTNT part 17 is coming along much smoother than it predecessor, and I'm about halfway done already. I look forward to the times I can write now, rather than having it seem like a chore. All that really means to you is that it won't take a month this time :)

10/24/11: One might say that, with all of the fighting, plotting, and war surrounding my story, the overall theme has climactic ring to it. One might even call it Discordant.

Well it's not, and he's not coming into the story. I have enough protagonists, antagonists, and everythinginbetweengonists to deal with already, and technically this all takes place before Season 2 ever began. So that's one definitive answer I don't mind giving.

Plus, if school fillies fighting are what broke Discord free, then OBVIOUSLY the proximity of chaos to the statue is more important than the degree of chaos. So yea, unless I write a fight scene in Celestia's garden, it shouldn't be an issue.

10/21/11: Right now, I haven't started writing chapter 17. Here's a breakdown of why.
20% - I'm still coming down from the caffeine high of finishing chapter 16
10% - There's probably something else I should be doing
70% - Because if I delve any deeper into Luna's character and the next episode destroys it, I'm gonna have a hell of a time trying to unwrite what I will have created in my head.

When I started this story, I intended to have it finished before season 2 came out. That way, it would exist purely as an inbetween-seasons sort of thing, and if something didn't make sense in the new canon I could just point to the date. I haven't been 100% accurate so far anyway (For those of you who don't know, I actually misspelled Soaren's name for the entirety of his role in TNTNE), but I do try. I don't want to be playing catch-up for the rest of my work here, but if it means I get to be lazy for a couple extra days then I'm happy to take the excuse :D

Oh, I should probably add that another 20% of that breakdown is that I'm having too much fun reading people's theories about what's coming next. Seriously, that's probably my favorite part of writing these. I get to be the guy with all the answers and just smile and nod knowingly whenever someone launches a theory. Bwahahaah.

10/19/11: If I didn't have to plug in HTML tags for deviant art, part 16 would have been uploaded already.


10/17/11: >mfw somepony quotes the part in my own story where I confirmed Soaren's death

Good thing I had a backup plan :D

10/15/11: I'm not discontinuing the fic. I just wrote another 1k words yesterday. Why are people suddenly thinking this?

Oh, yea, cause I haven't updated in awhile.

Well, yea, but I am still working on it. It's become very easy for me to go a day without even opening the document, and I've seriously considered taking a break for a couple months and releasing a couple chapters on Christmas or something to mark my return, but I eventually settled to just keep on keeping on. It's slow progress, but it's still progress.

Also, if I ever write anything again after this, it's going to be episodic.

9/28/11: UPDATE TIME! First of all, BroNYCon was awesome, but I'll talk more about that another time. Today, I wanted to share with you one of the problems that can arise when writing something over a long period of time.

Now, awhile ago, you may remember a side character that got a bit of how own arch. Soaren's story really climaxed during the execution scene, and after that I really didn't know what else to do with him. I asked myself "What would I do in that situation?", and basically went from there. In the end, it was one of my proudest moments as a writer AND one of the ones I most regret.

Why, you ask?


Ahem. What I'm trying to say is, I let Soaren play his role and then let him fall to the side. As far as I knew at the time, that was the end of his story. To tie this back to the original topic, the problem that writers can run into is a deep, deep sense of regret and self-hatred at wasting resources like that, and this can sometimes be seen as 'retcons' when the regret over a given situation is so strong that you try to wave your hands around and pretend it never happened.

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to retcon Soaren's death, but I'd also like to point out that you never saw him die. I've seriously thought of three or four different plot roles he'd be perfect to fill, and I'm getting pretty tired of hating myself for it. But, as you've gotten used to by now, you'll just have to wait a few weeks and see.

Oh, on the topic of waiting a few weeks and seeing, stay tuned for Chapter 16. I *think* I just broke through the big thing that was stopping me, and once it's released I'll go into more detail on that. If it's anything like the other chapters now, it should just write itself for the remainder of it.

9/23/11: So I don't know if I ever said this, but I'm going to be at BroNYCon this weekend. Actually, my train leaves in eight hours or so. So yea, if you want to come yell at me for writing so slowly, I'll see you there :p.

Also, I'm going to be part of a panel made of prereaders explaining some tips and tricks for fanfiction, I'm sure the whole thing will end up on youtube eventually, but come see us in person if that's your kind of thing.

9/16/11: Damn, season two is tomorrow, huh? And chapter 16 is supposed to come out then, right?


It's gonna be late. I have no excuse, but I'm sorry. Please don't hate me :(

9/9/11: It's been awhile, so here's a bit of news. I'm about 4.6k words into chapter 16, and I'm aiming to have it up before the first episode of season two airs. That's my timeframe and I'm sticking to it.

August 25th: If you're reading this, then you probably already got the notification, but the new chapter is up anyway. More info in the chapter description!

August 20th: School starts in 5 days, but I'll have chapter 15 up before that. At the time of writing this, I've just finished writing it and now need to edit/tune it. It should be another day or two before it goes up here, and another day or two before it gets through EqD's update queue

August 11th: My vacation got extended till tomorrow. I'm totally okay with this. I've done a bit of work, and should finish 15 within a few days of returning. As much as I hate to admit it, summer is coming to an end, and if I haven't finished TNTNE by the time I get back to school, I'm sure the chapters will come much faster once I'm no longer distracted by friends 24/7

August 6th: Vacation Time! Seeya on the 11th!

August 4th: Update time!

I'm about 2k words from finishing part 15, which is a little frustrating because there's about 10k more words worth of stuff I want to fit in. Most of my time writing so far has been spent sketching out a rough idea of where I want the story to go, so actualy putting fingers to keyboard has been slow (well,except for my super sekrit notes file).

Starting on the 7th, I'm going to be going on vacation. This either means I will have a lot of relaxation time to work on TNTNE, or I will have no time between family stuff. I'll be gone till the 11th, so we'll see then.

July 24th: Here's your periodic update: I've had an insanely busy this last week or so (got my boating license yesterday, going to see gathering of the vibes today), so I haven't gotten as much writing done as I would have liked. The story for the next chapter is pretty fleshed out, but before I conclude it I need to make some decisions about where exactly I want the story to go. ETA right now is probably 4-6 days of actual work on it, but for every one day of work I get there's two where I don't even open Word. I'm pretty excited about it though, and I'll put out another call for prereaders as I get closer.

July 18th: I feel like this should be a journal entry, not an update, but I haven't used those things once and don't plan to start now.

So part of the reason that I've had so little time to write is that I'm still settling into my new house. This is important because I OWN this house (well, I pay rent, but w/e) and I have to be one of two guys that are taking care of it and stuff. Anyway, the last month has been taking care of one thing after another and watching all my money disappear from food, gas, furniture, and other miscellaneous supplies. Stress stress stress.

Anyway, it's kinda plateaued off now, but there's a daily element of responsibility that I never had before. But last night, I was at the grocery store with a couple friends and we passed by a section with coconuts, which I noticed were much smaller than what I imagined coconuts to be. Long story short, we had a long debate about the anatomy of a coconut and ended up buying it to test out what the truth was.

And that's when I kind of realized it. I could go to the store in my car, use my money to buy whatever the hel I wanted, and bring it back to my house to enjoy. I just spent two dollars on a COCONUT, and I didn't even know how to open it. There's an upside to being self sufficient, because for every one thing that you have to do (buy your own food, cook your own meals, lock your own door, etc) there's a million more things that you can try out and experiment with (I drew a target board on my wall in pencil so that I can shoot nerf guns from my computer.) I don't even LIKE coconuts, but I'm gonna go grab a hammer, nail, and towel, crack it open, and drink the sweet juices of maturity.

Well, maturity is probably the wrong word. Within arms reach right now I have a 20 pack of Mentos, a DS, nerf guns, nerf darts, a nerf battle axe, an ipod, a candle, a cigar cuter, a notepad with WoW data scribbled down, and a set of panpipes. Instead of maturity, lets just settle for responsibility and work our way up.

The moral of the story is, it's the little things that matter. Brb, I'm gonna go open my coconut.

July 16th: I'm finalizing as fast as I can! that said, I might need to actually sleep within the next few hours, s I might not upload the new chapter till tomorrow. However, I have the whole day free, so if that does happen I'll finish up early in the day.

July 15th: Chapter 14 goes up tomorrow, I'm still waiting on an editor or two. I think I recruited to many. It's going up tomorrow regardless of who's finished or not, however, cause I want it to go up as badly as you do. That being said, they've already caught more than a few mistakes, so this was definitely a good idea.

July 12th: Chapter 14 is done!


I have to still edit it and make minor revisions, and then send it off to the editors (thank you everybody who offered to help, by the way. It's a huge weight off my chest), and then HTML tag it. I just wanted to share the good news with you all :D

In other news, I never posted the update for what I worked on last night (two nights ago?). It ended being my other story, which I'm going to send to the prereaders RIGHT NOW. I'll let you know how it goes, but here's some hints as to what it is.

The Outline of the plot is that a pony is having some troubles, some great and some small, and makes a few bad decisions. It illustrates how easily a ponies life can take a bad turn, and has a [grimdark] tag. It's a different kind of grimdark than TNTNE, however, and also uses all OC ponies. As I posted earlier, it's inspired by a song, and if you look very closely at this update you can figure out which one :P

July 10th: I got distracted :p Chapter 14 is about 2 sentences from being done, I just can't write them to save my life. I might have to change a fair bit to work around that, but I've got half a jug of iced tea next to me so that's my project for tonight.


You see, I've been writing another story on the side for a couple days now. It's a one shot and inspired by a song, and I'm gonna see if if it's good enough to get on EqD without using my status as a prereader to get a foot in. If it gets approved, I'll upload it here too. So, I'll be finishing one of these two things tonight, and I'll let you know which one it was in the morning.

EDIT: I JUST FOUND OUT THAT SOUND OF SILENCE IS THE NAME OF A SONG. I feel like an idiot. Also, it's a very good song, even it has nothing to do with chapter 12.

July 5th, again: So, I hate editing. I don't mean like going over and refining word choice and the like, I mean basic typo-checking. my eyes just gloss over because I'm just reading what I MEANT to write instead of what I actually typed, and so I miss a lot of stuff.

TO THAT END, I'm hoping a few of you would be interested in pre-reading my stories. I'd normally go to ponychan or the like to do this, but I feel like the chapter is getting leaked early or something that way. Plus, it's easier to keep track of if I have a couple good people than a bunch of random guys on the net.

So, if you're interested, throw me a note on here or an email to I'll basically send you a finished copy of the newest chapter before I submit it, wait to get your edited version back, make said changes, and then submit it to DA, so you'll be getting the complete and finalized chapter. Probably. You'd also only be reading it a few hours before everybody else, so don't let that sway your decision.

I'm only looking to get 3-5 people in on this, but don't be shy about sending me emails. If you send me a note riddled with typos...I probably won't be picking you :P

July 5th: I *might* upload 14 today. UPDATE: And by might, I mean I won't, but I'm gonna work on it for the rest of the night.

July 1st: I left my computer charger at a friends house and couldn't get any work done for two days. Fuck me, right? Anyway, chapter 14 is just about finalized, but I'm toying around with another idea or two before I write it of as done and keep going with 15. I might start 16 soon.

June 26th: I got two little teaser bits for you, just to keep you interested. Chapter 14 needs a tweak and editing run before it's good, and I'm about 3k words into chapter 15.

Something I've always tried to do is make powerful chapter titles for each entry, and for the most part I'm proud of my work. "Justice" and "Hatred" were pretty weak, but "Rainbows and Butterflies was a real gem. I've thought for a long time about what to call chapter 14, but I think I've got it now. I offer it to you for dissection, I'm interested in what you'll make of it. Chapter 14 is named "Politeia". Or at least, that's how you would pronounce it if it was in English. If you catch this reference and put two and two together before the chapter is released, I will buy you a beer if I ever meet you in real life.

For chapter 15...well, I can't be too specific, but I can tell you one thing. I originally started this series because I had a philosophical question that I just couldn't get out of my head, and that question was what lead to to build this entire world around My Little Pony. The element of Loyalty was just too perfect of a Guinea Pig for this experiment, and in chapter 15 I finally pose this question to the audience. As always I'll keep my personal feelings out of the writing, but I'm excited to see how you guys react.

June 24: PROGRESS UPDATE: Chapter 14 is pretty much done, I'm just about to start writing 15. I've already done layout work and such, but I haven't actually put words on paper yet. This doesn't mean that 14 is going up soon, but once I finish chapter 16 or so I'll probably start uploading again.

Also, since it would cost about 50 dollars for me to go to BronyCon, and that's about 50 more than I have, I won't be attending tomorrow :P

June 20th: I'm seriously considering going to the unofficial 'BronyCon' in NY this weekend. Anyone know where there is more info available? The EqD page doesn't say times at all.

June 19th: First of all, Happy Father's Day. Secondly,due to the overwhelming response (read: 100%) of people requesting the same thing, I'll be slowing down my submission rate substantially in favor of putting out better quality content. Likely, you won't hear must from me for a week or two, then I'll put up a few chapters spaced a day or two apart when I'm sure they are finished. So you'll end up with a small rush at the end of your waiting phase. I'll still be checking DA and the thread on EqD every day, so getting in contact with em won't be a problem.

June 17th: So remember how I said that the next part would be up by about 24 hours ago? I lied. It's actually gonna go up tomorrow or the day after. Actually, I could use some opinions from you guys on this decision.

What really want to be able to do is have a chapter go up around the time that I finish the next chapter. This essentially lets me retcon things without them really being retcons, since I'm one of those guys that thinks of great ideas about 20 minutes after it's too later. A good example of where this came into play was with Soaren, who was just going to be a random character in the story until went back and rewrote him in chapter 7 so that he would fit with the execution scene in chapter 8. If 7 had already been uploaded, I could never have done that and the Lieutenant would have just been a faceless death that brought the captain's wrath.

So obviously there are upsides, but the downside is that right now, I have no reserve of chapters. It would take awhile, maybe even a couple weeks, to build myself back up to a comfortable 3-chapter lead, and during that time you would have no new updates. So my question is, is it worth it to you?

June 15th: 3000 page views. I'm speechless right now, so I'll update this more in the morning.

June 14th: I don't know what day I posted that last message, but it sure as hell wasn't on June 10th. Anyway, chapter 13 is up and 14 is almost done-ish. I have all the ideas in my head, I just need to find the time to put them down.

June 10th: Chapter 13th goes up tomorrow. I say this to myself as much as you guys.

June 8th: GTPlanet is best planet.

June 7th: Part 12 uploaded, and finally fixed that stupid preview image bug on 10. That bothered me every time I refreshed the page. Read the chapter description of 12, If anyone else out there is a write friend and has some advice, I'd appreciate the feedback. Also, this page just topped 2k views. I love you guys :D

June 6th: 12 is coming along nicely, thanks for everyones patience. I hope you enjoyed the lull in dramatic events, cause that's pretty damn over right about now.

May 26th: I'm still writing part 10, it's the setup for anew mini arch within the story now that the captain has been revealed. Because I'm so busy with summer in full swing, it's taking longer than normal to get up, but should still be up before the day is over.

May 25th: Finally, part 9 is up. This is the hardest I've worked on any single chapter so far, I wanted it to be perfect for the big unveiling. It's not actually perfect, but I think I'm my own biggest critic at this point haha. Bonus points to anypony who recognizes the chapter title.

May 23rd: I'm totally behind, part 9 is only about halfway done. There's a lot of stuff that comes to a close in part 9, including the end of the captured shadowbolts story. I want Twilight's primary goal starting in 9 or 10 to be getting home with Rainbow Dash, but there's a lot of things I haven't hammered down yet. Damn my RL friends for keeping me so busy.

May 21st: Part 7 is here, but it's bee over 12 hours since I emailed Seth with it. Maybe the update queue is just taking forever. Anyway, some people are gonna get a chapter two days in a row, assuming ti gets updated tomorrow and then 8 gets up on the day that I submit it. Yea, that sentence was confusing, its 3 am here :P Also, I just wrote a [sad] story that might get up on EqD soon, I just needed a break from TTNTE. It's short, and it's about a song none of you have heard, but I wrote it for the sake of writing it, not for you guys to love me fore it.

May 20th: Busy, busy busy. I just wrote the first draft of chapter eight, and I think I almost got myself to cry. It's hands down the best thing I've written since chapter four, maybe even better. But, alas, you will ave to wait a few more days to see it. Chapter seven is good too, and that goes up tomorrow, but seven, eight, and nine are so far looking like their own little three-part miniseries. The events occur very close together and Soaren really comes into his own character, which I'm glad I had the opportunity to do. Of course, since there wasn't much to go on in the show, he's mostly just and OC pony that RD knows, but I tried to keep him to how I envisioned him. Let me know what you think tomorrow.

May 17th: Chapter 5 up and away, and let me thank everyone for the high praise of chapter 4. You guys rock, thanks for reading my stuff! Chapter 5 will probably get posted on EqD later today or early tomorrow, but I've already gotten a few comments just from people who bothered to watch my DA. Am I starting to get a following? 'Cause that would be awesome.

May 15th: Editted and uploaded chapter 4 at a friends house,as mine currently has no internet. I should get a medal for doing it without them knowing about ponies. Anyway, I'm excited to see what you think of chapter 4, I would have liked a bit more time to edit and tune it but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out anyway. Some people called what was going to happen already, and kudos to them, but I'm writing about the morals and tests of character, not the events themselves. Also, that title is LAYERED.

May 14th: Spent all day moving, no writing or editing done. Chapter 4 will be uploaded fairly late tomorrow I think, I have a lunch date followed by a full day of friends and such. It's a good thing I have a couple chapters written that I only have to edit, otherwise I'd be behind schedule.

May 13th: Part 3 uploaded and email sent to Seth. Blogger is down so it will probably be a bit before most of you see this. I finished writing part 6 and have a layout done for parts 7-9, but I tend to deviate from plans like that as I get closer to them. Honestly, I'm surprised I can keep coming up with ideas for this stuff.

May 12th: UPDATE: I've gone over part 3 a few times, and in retrospect it is good enough to stand alone. I really want to get part four out there, but I can pace myself if you guys can wait the extra two days :P

Today is my last day of classes for college, so it's kind of busy. I have until chapter 5 or so written, so I should be able to take a day of from writing/editing. Part 3 will be posted tomorrow, and I'm considering posting it in conjunction with part 4 since chapter three alone is mostly backstory, and part 4 is my favorite so far. I'm not thrilled with part 3 on its own, but it is necessary for you guys to know wtf is going on. I don't want to fall behind schedule, so it whether or not I post both depends on how much I get done today and tomorrow.

May 11th:
>Log on
>Page views has jumped by over a hundred
>I wonder if my story was posted?

May 10th: Received email about part 1 from Sethistro, pre-readers want to see more. It was very highly complimented considering that nothing has happened yet, so I'm excited to see what they think of part two. I posted a teaser that doubles as my entry for the 300 word story contest on EqD, so go give that a read if you just can't wait to get to the grimdark bits. Also, I know that nobody is actually reading these yet, but I'm hoping that once tNtNE gets up on EqD I'll have a nice backlog of journal entries. On that note, I know I'll have to move these updates to actual journal entries eventually, I figure I'll keep recent news up here and then update a journal with the older bits.

May 9th: So I heard you like Grimdark? First section submitted, fourth section completed. I'll be releasing a new section every two days so that I have time to write and edit them faster than I have to post. Also, each section so far has been darker than the last (chapter 4, I think I scared myself), but expect some chapters to have a [Normal] tag and others to be much darker. This first one is fairly normal, give it a read if you've got time.
I finally bit the bullet and uploaded every damn chapter. I'm probably not going to be very active on the site, but I'll read messages there and keep it updated since a lot of people have been asking me to get it up there. Also, thanks to FiMFic, I now know that TNTNE is just shy of 116k words. Christ, that's a lot of hours I've sunk into this.

Oh, right, have a link:…

In other TNTNE news, this week marks the first anniversary of the first chapter. And to think I only intended this to be a summer project.


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